(RU) Карабин Bergara B14 Timber k. 308 WIN

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  • Barrel length (mm):560
  • Brand:Bergara
  • Caliber (mm):308 Win
  • Magazine capacity:4+1
  • Manufacturer:Spain
  • Material butt:Tree
  • Platoon type:Bolt-on shutter
  • Recharge method:Rolling shutter
  • Rifle type:Store rifles and carbines
  • Trunk:Steel, threaded
  • Type of ammunition:Cartridges for rifles and carbines
  • Weight (g):3300
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  • Карабин Bergara B14 Timber, кал.308 Win, ствол 56см
    30324 uah
    In shop
  • Карабин Bergara B14 Timber DM (съемный магазин), кал.308 Win, ствол 56см
    34160 uah
    In shop
Barrel length (mm) 560
Brand Bergara
Caliber (mm) 308 Win
Magazine capacity 4+1
Manufacturer Spain
Platoon type Bolt-on shutter
Recharge method Rolling shutter
Rifle type Store rifles and carbines
Type of ammunition Cartridges for rifles and carbines
Weight (g) 3300
Material butt Tree
Trunk Steel, threaded
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